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If you arrived here, it is probably because you did a Google search about your name, and you found out that an old version of your facebook profile is available publicly on the site profile engine (

If you are resident of the European Union ( Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are presently eligible to use the form, according to Google )
Google published a form on Thursday May 29th 2014 that allows European users to ask Google to remove "irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise inappropriate" information from search results.
The form was created to comply with a European Court of Justice ruling earlier in May that declared Europeans have a "right to be forgotten."
Fill in the form here:
If you are not resident of those countries, please follow the steps about google mentioned down the page below at the section called "fill-in a complaint for Copyright infrigement"

They are talking about this story in a new blog from someone in British Columbia, with an interesting point of view on privacy and human rights, click here.

They are talking about us in FORBES.COM :) here is the link
As usual, Claydon is defaming us and is reversing the accusation that we raise on him. He now deplores that many french people have been using Google's "right to be forgotten form"..., and thinks that someone in France is faking some ID cards in order to have more random profiles deleted from his website. How pathetic this is! This accusation just shows 2 simple facts: Claydon is a psychopath, and French people are very sensitive to their online privacy.
Well, Claydon seems to be suffering from an advanced paranoia disorder and victim syndrome. Does he really think that people will believe his crazy stories? That google is accepting faked ID documents in their system of removal? Doesn't he know that faking ID cards is illegal? Google could sue any person who engage in such activity.
We recommend people to submit their details and ID document to Google in order to have their private content removed from the search results in Europe (See above). It worked for us and will work for you too. And unlike, Google is a company that we can trust in terms of respect of the privacy and legality.
If only we at had enough money to sue Christpher Lee Claydon for defamation, we would have done it already since a while. We are just waiting for a bigger fish to sue him and to have his illegal business totally shut down once and for all.

Another recent article about this whole story at

So you have an unwanted profile at

The first thing you will try to do, is to delete this profile for which you never gave authorization to be publish. And here start your problems.

In order to remove your profile from the website, you will have to prove its administrator, namely Chris Claydon, that you are the person from whom they stole the profile!
Indeed, your profile has been exposed by facebook before 2010, when facebook's privacy policy wasn't 100% proof, and when they were providing an API to external websites to search their data.
Of course, facebook changed this dangerous situation, and since 2010, you have an option to tell facebook that your profile should NOT be indexed by external search engines.
Also, since that moment, facebook made it very clear to, that they cannot access anymore their API nor index any private data, and they closed their access to facebook's servers.
NEW! Facebook and are now enemies, and Facebook just won a trial against Profile Technology. Unfortunately, it doesn't change anything for the facebook users yet... The stolen data remains in Claydon's hands... What we need is a class action complaint against Claydon to render justice to all the facebook users who have been stolen their private data. More details below, and read the verdict in an article at

So, you go to the help section of this malicious website, and you understand that in order to delete your profile, you have first to "claim" it.
There used to be a way to use "facebook connect" to claim your profile, but since facebook has banned anything from, it does not work anymore (anyway, you dont really want to give full access to your real facebook profile to this suspicious company, they might suck all your private information and display it, like they did with what facebook already gave them).
Then, if you are lucky, Profile Technology also stole your personal email address when they made the copy of your profile. In this case, they will be able to send you an email, and then they'll grant you access to your profile.
But in most of the cases, your email address was not available on your facebook profile, so this method of authentication will not work.
In this case, the help section of explains that you have to send them a copy of your national ID card, or driving license, so they can match the picture of you that they stole and your nickname, with the ones that appear on your official document!
DO NOT DO THAT!!! This company is not a law enforcement entity. They don't have any rights to verify your identity with such procedure. You don't know what they will do with your ID documents later on. Since this company has a very low reputation and is indeed already practicing identity theft and privacy breach, you should not trust them.
Furthermore, your profile picture on facebook might not represent you, or your name in facebook might not be exactly your name in real life. This authentication method is totally illegal.
By law, this company has to proceed with your request of removal of the private data, as stated in the Privacy Act of New Zealand. They are not authorized to keep your data, except if the data is public (to this day!) or you have given your individual authorization.
But, your profile on facebook is surely not accessible publicly anymore, and you never gave authorization for its collection.
Unfortunately, Profile Technology and Christopher Claydon have no respect at all for your privacy, and they intend to keep your private data as long as they can, specially since facebook closed their source of fresh data theft.

You can open a ticket on their "helpdesk", which will take up to a month to be answered, and they will ask for your personal ID, which amount to a scam.

Here are some further steps you can take against

  • NEW!!!!
    New: If you are resident of the European Union ( Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are presently eligible to use the form, according to Google )
    If you are not resident of those countries, please follow the steps about google mentioned down the page below at the section called "fill-in a complaint for Copyright infrigement"
    Google published a form on Thursday May 29th 2014 that allows European users to ask Google to remove "irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise inappropriate" information from search results.
    The form was created to comply with a European Court of Justice ruling earlier in May that declared Europeans have a "right to be forgotten."
    Fill in the form here:

  • Submit a complaint to the New Zealand police directly with this website:
    It is very simple ! in few steps, you will be done. If you dont live in New Zealand, select the option "I would like to make an anonymous complaint"

  • the details about the offending company are:
    Profile Technology Limited
    Company number 2226247
    Incorporation: 3 April 2009
    Address: Suite 4298
    17b Farnham Street
    Parnell, Auckland 1052
    New Zealand
    tel: +64 9921 9515
    Managing Director: Christopher Lee Claydon
  • We strongly encourage you to fill-in a legal complaint against this company and its director to your local police station and to your national Privacy Rights defender.
    This company is liable for Privacy breach, identity theft, copyright infrigement (of your pictures) and in some cases, defamation.
    Do not be afraid to prosecute them, even without a need for a lawyer. Just call your local police station, and ask for an appointment to fill-in a legal complaint. The police officers will conduce an investigation and will contact the New Zealand police.
    Please read the section about the webhosting company below to include their contact details in your complaint.
    Here is a short list of national privacy agencies to whom you can also deposit a complaint, according to your nationality (if you are not in the list, please check for your own country in google, more agencies exist but i dont have time to list them all here):
    Office of the Privacy Commissioner (Australia)
    Data Protection Commissioner (Ireland)
    Office of the Data Protection Supervisor (Isle of Man)
    CNIL - Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libert├ęs (France)
    Privacy Commissioner of Canada
    Privacy Commission of Belgium
    Privacy Commissioner of Hong Kong
    FOR USA, see below.

  • You should also contact those 2 american services, that will help you, no matter where you live. Fill-in a report at the Internet Crime Complaint Center and at the

  • It turns out that Claydon is changing periodically the location and providers of the servers that host the website
    When we started to track his illegal activities, he was hosted at, but since then, he ended his contract with them (or they did it, we don't know) and moved to Private Layer INC in Switzerland.
    This fact is very interesting because the new company Claydon chose for the hosting, is specialized in hiding the real identity of the website owner, and because it is located in Switzerland, benefit from the country's privacy reputation.
    Nevetheless, An internet user contacted us and he encourages everybody to contact Private Layer on their facebook page and to complain about profile engine. Their facebook page is here. According to him, the laws of copyright in switzerland are the same than in europe, so we should ask for the removal of private data directly to Private Layer.
    Claydon knows that his activity is illegal and controversial, so he decided to hide his responsibility a bit more, and he is spending a fortune in expensive but secret webhosting.
    Well, we found out the IP of his server: and you can try to contact the hosting company (+41 44-508-7052,, or to have their name inserted in any legal complaint filled against Profile Technology LTD and Christopher Lee Claydon.(PRIVATE LAYER INC. - SwissPost 9865 - Zurcherstrasse 161 - 8010 Zurich Switzerland)

    Also to note is another very significant detail: The server of Claydon we just spoke about above, is not directly accessible on the internet, and is instead hidden behind an american service that protects it from attacks and from contact details retrieval.
    In details, Claydon is paying the company to protect the server from DDOS and then redirect the web traffic to the server in switzerland that becomes thereof hidden.
    The 2 IPs of that service are: in the USA, and in the UK. There is no point to try to connect via those 2 IPs. If someone wants to reach the Elgg platform hosted in Switzerland, the IP should be used.
    Here are the details of the server:
    Server: Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu)
    X-Powered-By: PHP/5.3.10-1ubuntu3.2
    Via: 1.1 localhost (squid/3.2.11)
    Finally, it is also interesting to note that Claydon is hiding his WHOIS details about the domain name under a company named and he is also hiding his DNS server records under the service Really, this Chris Claydon has nothing to hide, right?

  • Now that you did the most important, you can also contact Google, to ask them to remove the offending content from their index (search results).
    In order to do that, you have 3 steps to follow.
    1) fill-in a complaint for Copyright infringement on your profile picture or other pictures stolen by profileengine. With your google account (like gmail), enter this link: and click on the "create a new notice" button. Then follow the instructions.
    2) fill-in a complain for privacy breach and identity theft (try to mention the law references of your country in this complaint) by going to the link With this, google will remove the link from their search results.
    3) fill-in a report for phishing of identification documents at this address:
    In this report, mention that the site has been trying to obtain a copy of your identification documents, which is an illegal practice. By reporting this, we hope that google with stop to include in its index and search results, and will display a warning to any link going to their website, about phishing and malware..

  • Finally, you can add yourself to the facebook group We do not like the profile engine and leave a comment about your experience. Don't forget to mention the site, to redirect other users to us. Also, there is an internet petition against that you can sign here.
    You can also share our website on facebook, to let know to your friends about the abuses, and if your friends are affected, they can follow the instructions above too. The more numerous we are, the best chances we have to make Christopher Claydon change his privacy policy!

Good luck! And we wish you to have your stolen profile removed as soon as possible!

A little bit of history

The managing director of Profile Technology is Christopher Lee Claydon and he lives in New Zealand.
He was born in England in 1979 but then he went to study in Auckland and there in 2009, he had the great idea to create a startup called which purpose is very simple:
Copy of all the facebook profiles that were available via their API at that time, and keep all the informations in his own server in san francisco.

Then he installed an elgg social network platform that contains all the stolen profiles from facebook, and he called this "". People cannot create their own profile on this pseudo social network that is an outdated shadow mirror of facebook 2010, they can only "claim" that they are the owners of the profile that has been already created for them, based on the data stolen from facebook. It is a very weird business model, we are very surprised and do not really understand the underlying logic and the goals of Chris Claydon.

So if your facebook profile was available "publicly" (which is not necessarily true) until 2010, it has been sucked, and it is now displayed on the website If you want to use this profile, or change it, or delete it, you will now have to contact the company, and our experience with them is not very pleasant.

Indeed, your private data has been stolen from you, but now, you will have to prove that this data is yours!!!!
If you want to delete this profile, you cannot just ask it in the contact form or by email, unlike any company on the internet nowadays that is compliant with the laws and regulations that protect access to private data. Instead, you will be asked to send a copy of your national ID card, with a picture and once Chris Claydon will have check that the profile picture of you he copied from facebook, and your name are matching, he will delete or give you access to your profile. What he will do afterwards with your national ID document is unknown. He might use it to impersonate you, or buy some goods under your name, or request some more legal documents about you based on your ID details, and basically, he will now have full control on your identity. We strongly recommand you to not send any ID document.

We accuse Chris Claydon and Profile Technology of identity theft.

We know of some facebook user who contacted recently and wanted to delete her profile on that website. This person was saying she never registered any account on that site, and was very surprised to see that the site was displaying some private data about her. She was answered that she has to send her ID card scan, so she can be identified. But this was indeed impossible! because on her profile stolen from facebook years ago, her profile picture shows an avatar, and her name is a pseudonym!!! So an ID card will not help at all.
One technical solution that could implement, in order to identify anybody, would be to ask the facebook user to temporally change his current profile picture in his real facebook account (which is always public) and to display instead a logo that would say something like "remove profile" or a unique code that would let profileengine identify the user.

Facebook noticed what was going on in 2010, and blocked the server from accessing their API, in order to stop the theft of private user profiles' information. But Chris and his company are nevertheless in possession of a huge amount of private data stolen already, and it seems that they cling to it like a limpet and Chris is very stubborn and doesn't want to change his abusive privacy policy!

His company has received help from the teachers at his former university in a startup incubator program. We contacted them because the professors still hold 5% of the shares of the company. They are a bit helpless in making him change his attitude and come to reason on the privacy issues.

On the 1st of February 2013, Facebook brought the story to court, and on February 05, 2014 won the trial against M. Claydon's activities. The complaint can be read here.
And the verdict is explained in this article at

M. Claydon is not very visible on the internet, and has a tendency to hide and protect very closely his identity. By example, be does not have a known facebook account for himself. We nevertheless found some informations about him that are publicly available, and in order to make him understand how privacy is important, and why aggregating public data on someone can be damaging to the privacy of such person, we are sharing those informations here below. The reader should know that all the informations displayed below have been found publicly on the internet, by searching with Google, and that we will remove such informations as soon as M. Claydon changes the privacy policy of the website, and proceed with the deleting of all the profiles he has been asked to remove.

We also noticed that Chris Claydon has a tendency to defame any user who would start to complain directly to him about the issue. Nobody should be intimidated by him. He is just a little kid who has created an illegal business and who is arrogant and disrespectful of others' privacy.

more about Chris Claydon and

To contact the managing director of by postal mail:
Christopher Lee Claydon
2/28 Tohunga Crescent
1052 Parnell, Auckland
New Zealand

During our research, we have found much more "publicly available private" informations about M. Claydon or about his girl friend or his mother, by exemple. While M. Claydon has no remorse at displaying the old list of friends of millions of facebook users, or the groups they used to be part of, we decided to not reveal private informations related to his relatives. once again, we repeat that the details shown above (contact details and pictures), can be found on the internet with Google search in few minutes. We are just reproducing them here to make M. Claydon understand how important privacy is. Even if internet is bluring the limits between private and public, the law and the common sense, are here to maintain us in some restraint and to encourage us to deal with privacy in a human way.

They are talking about this story